Paw-sitive Progress

The sheer amount of structures on The Hills Line built from or including Rix Products components continues to climb. It’s almost as if the zoning board of eastern Iowa thumbed through a Pikestuff catalog when laying out the industrial areas around the railroad.

My latest project involved the immensely simple Veterinary Associates structure on East 3rd Street in Iowa City. Like others in the area, it’s nothing more than a box, which means I could use the Pikestuff Pre-Fab Warehouse kit as a starting point. In essence I cut it into two sections, then joined them back together to best replicate the prototype’s enclosed and open portions.

The one loading door also came from Rix, with some additional detail parts from Bar Mills and Blair Line. The structure was attached to the layout with construction adhesive and weighed down with some aluminum 1-2-3 blocks until secure.

Since the full structure is truncated at the front of the layout, I built some fascia extensions to match the profile of the building. The extensions are made from the same underlayment plywood that I used for the fascia, as well as painted the same color.

One unique detail was lifted directly from the prototype structure. A hand-painted paw print on the south side of the building.

Standard disclaimer: I’m in no way affiliated with Rix Products, nor was I compensated in any manner for this post. I’m just a satisfied customer.

2 thoughts on “Paw-sitive Progress

  1. Great work! Enjoying the updates. I really enjoyed your series of videos on building the The Hills Line. They are my favorite videos from MRV PLUS! Have a nice weekend.

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  2. James

    Terrific post as always!

    Structures should not be feared or an afterthought. They are I think almost more important than scenery in that they even as “plain boring “ still can become a source of accomplishment! They again give your layout that everyday appearance.

    Plus the paw print is a great “I’ve been there” scenic marker!!

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