Slinging Rock

"I loaded sixteen tons of number 9 coal and the straw boss said, 'Well-a bless my soul!'" -Tennessee Ernie Ford I understand why most model railroaders dislike ballasting track. It's a tedious, repetitive process that takes patience and concentration; two traits that I have in short supply. However, much like benchwork and wiring, its a necessary … Continue reading Slinging Rock

With Apologies to Joyce Kilmer

"I think that I shall never see A poem lovely as a tree." Progress continues on the signature scene of The Hills Line, the Iowa Interstate's deck-girder bridge and surrounding area in Iowa City. With the base scenery in place it's time to add the flora. As previously mentioned, my scenic methods are not groundbreaking … Continue reading With Apologies to Joyce Kilmer

From the Ground Up

Even when it's nothing more than a base layer of scenery, seeing bare benchwork turn into a real-world representation is both cathartic and gratifying. My methods on The Hills Line are nothing ground breaking and follow well-established practices in the hobby. My base material of choice is Scenic Textures Farm-Pasture Blend, available from Scenic Express. By … Continue reading From the Ground Up