In The Details

Model railroading, from a retail perspective, largely remains a cottage industry. While there are a growing multitude of large hobby conglomerates, most of the smaller items you see on layouts come from mom-and-pop operations. Those small businesses are helping me detail warehouses on The Hills Line, and it's always fun to see how these little … Continue reading In The Details

A Thicker Backdrop

On the IAIS Grimes Line I was able to make significantly-sized photo backdrops work for non rail-served buildings, notably Reams Foods in Clive. For The Hills Line, I'm finding better success with building flats or partial structures. I'm chalking up the change to the difference in industries between the two locales. I used Pikestuff building … Continue reading A Thicker Backdrop

Change of Pace

With the signature scene of The Hills Line complete, it's time to switch gears and model some of the industrial aspects of the industrial spur. The portion of Iowa City south of downtown is a motley collection of commercial and light-industrial warehouses. This is a change from the IAIS Grimes Line, which I always referred … Continue reading Change of Pace

The Case for Mockups

I have a love/hate relationship when it comes to making mockups on a model railroad. On one hand, it annoys me to spend time on something that I know will end up in the trash instead of on The Hills Line. On the other, I really hate redoing things I've already done, so taking the … Continue reading The Case for Mockups