Building The Backsides

If there’s an advantage to modeling a prototype that only features two online industries, it’s that the offline industries tend to be rather simple in execution. Generally that’s due to having their backsides visible to the railroad, which lack any loading docks or rolling doors, since they aren’t rail served. It becomes a rather straightforward process to fill an area quickly with a bunch of boxes.

A bunch of these boxes exist on the north side of the Maiden Lane interchange on The Hills Line. Fortunately each has their own somewhat unique characteristics, allowing me to customize each one to best reflect the prototype. Plus, I get to use up my ever-dwindling supply of Rix Products walls and roofs.

First up is Advanced Electrical Services, Inc. The barebones structure is simplicity defined, with nothing more than a bare rear wall facing the industrial spur. On the prototype the foundation is considerably more visible than on The Crowded Closet, so I added strips of styrene painted with Testors Flat Light Aircraft Gray, my standard concrete base color.

The rusted out storage warehouse for Pyramid Services is next. Because it sits at the end of the coved backdrop, I had to splice several segments together to get enough to fit. I then build a paper template of the curve to transfer to the roof before cutting it to fit the space.

Unfortunately not everything could be built from the scrap box. The unique roof line of the main Pyramid Services building meant that a custom cut was my best choice. Fortunately I’m getting better at using my Cricut plotter, and had the core cut and built in a matter of minutes. Photo wallpaper was added to the sides and roof.

All three of the structures we painted and weathered to best emulate their respective prototypes, including turning the one Pyramid warehouse in a something so rusty you’d need a tetanus shot just from looking at it. Additional detail parts were selected and placed based on photo reference, ultimately finishing up another industrial aspect of the layout.

One thought on “Building The Backsides

  1. James

    We all have a locomotive, piece of rolling stock or structure that we lavish attention on whilst giving other items short shrift.

    One thing I have learned from the Hills Line is it all counts every road, building , tree line etc. and it’s all ordinary!! It looks so real because it’s a outstanding representation of the ordinary.

    Oh loved the “tetanus shot” line!!

    Liked by 1 person

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