The View from Madison Street

As I previously mentioned, the large potable water tank just north of the IAIS deck-girder bridge in Iowa City doesn't play a role in the operating scheme of The Hills Line. However its presence is commanding enough to warrant inclusion on the layout. The tank itself is part of the larger Madison Street Services Building … Continue reading The View from Madison Street

Slinging Rock

"I loaded sixteen tons of number 9 coal and the straw boss said, 'Well-a bless my soul!'" -Tennessee Ernie Ford I understand why most model railroaders dislike ballasting track. It's a tedious, repetitive process that takes patience and concentration; two traits that I have in short supply. However, much like benchwork and wiring, its a necessary … Continue reading Slinging Rock

With Apologies to Joyce Kilmer

"I think that I shall never see A poem lovely as a tree." Progress continues on the signature scene of The Hills Line, the Iowa Interstate's deck-girder bridge and surrounding area in Iowa City. With the base scenery in place it's time to add the flora. As previously mentioned, my scenic methods are not groundbreaking … Continue reading With Apologies to Joyce Kilmer