It's humbling to discover that even after living with a design for the better part of four years that there are still ways to improve on my original concept for The Hills Line. Such is the case on the north end of the town of Hills, where I've realized that I could shorten the length … Continue reading Realignment

The Hills Line Live!

We're gonna try something a little different here on The Hills Line... Join me for a livestream broadcast from the layout next Sunday, April 30th starting at 8pm Central Time. I'll provide the latest progress, a look ahead to future projects, and a special announcement about the return of a former series. The stream will … Continue reading The Hills Line Live!

Mindheim Sound

I revel in both the writing and works of noted model railroad custom builder Lance Mindheim. As a result, I've adopted most of his concepts and practices in the art of model railroading for The Hills Line, and consider him a mentor, colleague, and friend. Recently he shared a video of his Downtown Spur … Continue reading Mindheim Sound

Static Cling

I've previously written about the dual realities of The Hills Line. Long story short, there are elements of the layout that are only present for photographs or videos, and exist for as long as it takes me to create said media. Otherwise they're kept elsewhere. The two biggest examples are figures and automobiles. My aversion … Continue reading Static Cling