In Hindsight

A blatant promotional announcement this time…

I’ll be presenting at the Hindsight 20/20 7.0 Virtual RPM Clinic this Saturday, February 20th at 6:30pm Eastern. My presentation is titled Creating City Carton, and will detail the design, construction, and operation of City Carton Recycling on The Hills Line.

More information and registration for Hindsight 20/20 7.0 is available from Speedwitch Media. My thanks to Gerry Schaefer, Ted Culotta, and Ryan Mendell for this opportunity. Hope to see you all there.

5 thoughts on “In Hindsight

  1. I’ve tuned in to a couple previous Hindsight 20/20 Virtual RPMs. I found the presentations to be well done, informative and certainly worthwhile. Looking forward to your presentation James!


  2. Excellent presentation yesterday James! Great overview of what you are doing, along with a lot of great tips and “food for thought”. (I’ll never be able to get in and out of our local HD quickly again!)

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  3. Unfortunately I was not able to see the presentation owing to the fact that I kept getting an error message about an incorrect code to log into the zoom meeting. I copied and pasted the code directly from the email I recieved, but for whatever reason it just wouldn’t go. So I wish I could have seen it cause you do some great stuff.


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