Bringing up the Rear

I’ve mentioned previously how model railroading, as a business, remains primarily a cottage industry. Yes, more and more aspects of the industry are being controlled by larger and larger conglomerates. But there are a multitude of providers that are ultimately mom and pop shops.

Screen Shot 2020-08-23 at 8.43.24 PM

Case in point, MAC Rail Products, LLC. Based out of Fort Worth, they offer EOT flags and devices for use by modern-era modelers. Since it still feels like a majority of products made for HO scale are made for transition-era modelers, this is a welcome change.

EOT Flags on the IAIS Grimes Line

I had originally built my own version of EOT flags for use on the IAIS Grimes Line, and kept them for use on The Hills Line. However, the MAC Rail flags are of a far higher quality than I could construct. So like numerous model railroaders, I solved a problem by throwing money at it.

It was money well spent.


Standard disclaimer: I’m in no way affiliated with MAC Rail Products, nor was I compensated in anyway for this post. I’m just a satisfied customer.

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