Iowa Business Supply

Out of the 19 planned structures on The Hills Line, a grand total of two are served by the railroad. That ratio is all together appropriate for the modern era, but means a majority of the industries on the layout are pure filler. The goal then becomes how to replicate these offline buildings so that … Continue reading Iowa Business Supply

A Light Approach

The Hills Line, both prototype and model, is primarily a daylight affair. While I have no doubt that there were times that crews either started their day at the crack of dawn or ended it just as the last rays were dipping below the horizon, as far as I'm concerned it's always sunny and warm … Continue reading A Light Approach

Where You Are

Several years ago, noted model railroader Bill Darnaby of Maumee Route fame coined the phrase macro vs micro operations. In a nutshell, macro model railroad operations focus on the movement of complete trains against each other, while micro model railroad operations focus on the movement of individual cars to either their next or possibly final … Continue reading Where You Are

Meetup Time

Yet another blatant promotional announcement... I'll be presenting for the Operations Special Interest Group (OpSIG) monthly virtual meetup this Sunday, August 8th at 4:00pm Eastern. My presentation is titled A Layout Built on Procedures, and will detail, appropriately, the concept, planning, and execution of the operating scheme used on The Hills Line. More information and … Continue reading Meetup Time