After my last post mentioned the existence of the Iowa Interstate Historical and Modeling Society, lovingly referred to as the IAIS Cosa Nostra, I received the following note.

So if Joe A. is The Godfather, who are you?

Answer… Joey Zasa.

You know, the arrogant and flamboyant capo played by Joe Mantegna, and probably the only highlight in cinematic abomination that was The Godfather Part III. Zasa’s constant hunger for publicity ultimately became an embarrassment to the Corleone family, which led to his elimination.

The Hills Line with James McNab, Episode 3: Track Tips & Tricks

The resemblance is uncanny.

I’m hopeful that the family will avoid fitting me with a pair of cement shoes for my latest venture, as the entire series of The Hills Line with James McNab is now available on DVD from Kalmbach Media. All 11 episodes featuring the tips, tricks, and techniques I use on The Hills Line, including track construction, electronic planning, and scenic design can be reviewed in one complete format.

Again, my sincere thanks to Kent, Ben, David, Jenny, and everyone at Kalmbach for this opportunity.

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