At the far southern end of the prototype Hills Line sits a relic of times long vanished…

UO1 6-18-17_0224
Courtesy RRPictureArchive.NET – Original Image ©John Schumann

The Plymouth HLC-2 locomotive dates to 1928 and spent most of its life as Union Railroad of Oregon #1. After 40-some years of work as the sole locomotive on the line, it was retired and sold to Eldon C. Stutsman, Inc. in 1992 to work their plant in Hills, Iowa. In more recent times, Stutsman acquired a trackmobile to shuttle and spot cars. The Plymouth has been parked beyond the red board in Hills for more than a decade.


How could I not model that?

I didn’t need much, since it was going to be a static display. Fortunately I was able to pick up a used DC-powered Walthers ML-8 Plymouth locomotive, already in green, for next to nothing from the consignment table at my local hobby shop.


I plan to hack, carve, and otherwise disassemble the unit until it comes close to replicating the prototype, then bury it in scenery so you can’t tell that it’s not an exact match. But since the town of Hills and the Stutsman complex are the first things you see when you enter our basement, it’ll make a great conversation starter that will help tell the story of The Hills Line.

6 thoughts on “Relics

  1. I was going to ask you about this! I even asked Stutsmans if I could take pictures of it some time (no response yet!). You really highlight the charm of this line!


  2. Hey james, this question has nothing to do with this particular post, but I wasn’t sure if I asked a Q in a 2019 post, if you would see it. Anyhoo, so you have 3 feeders on every turnout, plus a juicer, a feeder on every piece of flextrack as well. Do you also have separate blocks or grids on the layout as well or anything for short managment. With everything you have done, I doubt you would get one, but was just curious. I should be starting my wiring next week so trying to get some info, I will be following many of the same practices you have show us. Thanks!


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